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Scaling Sales Ops Effortlessly

Introducing a full stack sales agency offering services that range from sales engineering and sales enablement all the way to outsourcing your entire sales department.

We specialize in scaling high ticket lead generation sales ops by assembling our highly trained extraction experts that automate your topline through effortlessly generating unprecedented amounts of revenue, in disproportionate time frames.

Revenue is King

We’re Judged on Cash Collected Period.


Obsessed End Customers


In Wires Collected

Pitch Design

Predictable Pipelines

Process Engineering

Wires Collected

Converting cold traffic into
high paying raving customers.

Levels of Engagement

Sales Engineering

From strategizing and designing the entire sales process, script development, sales material creation, & CRM configuration, we develop the entire architecture.

Sales Partnerships

A turnkey sales solution staffing your offer with our highly trained extraction experts and deploying our proprietary selling systems designed to have our reps taking calls within 72 hours or less.

Sales Training

For operations with a large pre-existing infrastructure & team looking to improve, optimize, and maximize performance, we facilitate private training series on our high ticket selling systems.

Sales Consulting

Fractional CSO & CMO services, allocating a set number of dedicated hours for your organization in both short term and long term engagements to consult on the entire umbrella of a scaling a sales operation.

Driven by Experience

Luck isn’t Scalable

Josh started his first video marketing agency when he was only 21 years old and cut his teeth building his company based on 100% outbound sales. Along with his belief that outbound sales is the truest definition of generating money out of thin air, he then took
his skill set to a dangerous new level by learning the skill sets of direct response inbound marketing . 

Since then, with a background in paid media, he has focused on building brands and scaling companies by mastering the customer acquisition process all the way through post conversion in high ticket, lead generation based sales ops.  

Josh possesses a unique ability to connect brand creative to performance marketing that drives a data driven, full funnel approach to rapid sales growth. Josh has helped create and build multiple successful companies in the B2B, alternative education, and REI space including a commercial real estate fund where he was primarily responsible for investor relations and capital management.

Josh Troy


With over 20 years in high ticket direct sales, Ryguy is a sales veteran with a wealth of experience. Ryguy started out his career for a timeshare company, one of the most elite high ticket sales environments.

After working his way up to the West Coast regional director of Wyndham timeshares overseeing a team of hundreds of sales reps, he decided to take his skill sets to the stages of real estate education.

Ryguy has recruited, staffed, and trained over 1,000 sales people, personally sold hundreds of millions in info product sales from stage, and has done over 500 REI transactions.

As a seasoned sales leader Ryguy not only brings tremendous closing capabilities to the table, but the ability to cultivate and grow a large team of closers in a very unique way.

Ryan “Ryguy” Burk


A Proprietary Approach Shaped by Decades of Experience

Our WFS selling systems programmingTM is a compilation of proprietary frameworks, methodologies, and modalities on how to scale a sales operation.

Building the machine (Foundational building blocks & development)

  • The Topline Big 4
  • Sellability Scoring
  • Pitch Design
  • Narrative based closing
  • Predictable pipelines

Operating the machine (Processes, behaviors, & success patterns)

  • Stage conversion Methodology
  • The modern tech stack
  • The 10 steps for extracting WFS
  • The 8 figure pitch deck Formula
  • Pipeline Velocity System

Managing the machine (Leadership, Management, Performance, & Growth)

  • Contact to Contract
  • Management Math
  • High performance culture
  • Dominate the day
  • Draft Recruiting